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Name NES Link
Set Promotional - Animal Crossing-e
ID: E-002
Serial number: 49366A 04-E002
Maker: Nintendo
Distributor: Nintendo
Release date: December 2002
Notes: Included with the December 2002 issue of Nintendo Power magazine.

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data strips

This card has one single long data strip.
Card content (data strip 1): Design Card.
Long data strip (encrypted RAW format): crc E171BB22 size 2912

card lists

Animal Crossing-e
Mario Party-e
Pokémon Battle-e
Pokémon-e TCG
Super Mario Advance 4-e

Promotional catalog

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Animal Crossing-eE-00148596A 04-E001Animal Crossing   
Animal Crossing-eE-00249366A 04-E002NES Link   
Fox Box Promo53090A 00-B001   Kirby Slide Puzzle   
Game & Watch48539A 02-A001   Manhole-e   
Game & Watch00-A000   Manhole-e   
Game & Watch02-A001   Manhole-e (A)   
Pokémon Battle-e008-P001001/PDragontamer Craig (A)   
Pokémon Battle-e008-P002002/PNinja Boy Yasuo (A)   
Pokémon Battle-e008-P003003/PPokéfan Darlene (A)   
Pokémon Battle-e008-P004004/PCool Trainer Mattego (A)   
Pokémon Battle-e129-B001   Gentleman Nils   
Pokémon Battle-e129-B002   Lady Astrid   
Pokémon Battle-e129-B002   Lady Astrid (Alternate)   
Pokémon Channel53086A 11-A101   The Pikachu Star   
Pokémon Channel53088A 11-A102   The Kyogre Constellation   
Pokémon Channel11-A103   Poké A la Card (A)   
Pokémon Channel53089A 11-A103   Poké A la Card   
Pokémon Channel11-A101   The Pikachu Star (A)   
Pokémon Channel11-P101   Jirachi (A)   
Pokémon-e TCGZ-39-#001Kyogre exRare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-38-#002Groudon exRare
Pokémon-e TCGM-02-#002/093HoppipVery rare
Pokémon-e TCGG-04-#004GrovyleRare
Pokémon-e TCGM-04-#004/093KoffingVery rare
Pokémon-e TCGG-10-#009CombuskenRare
Pokémon-e TCGG-16-#011MarshtompRare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-40-#014LatiasRare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-41-#015LatiosRare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-42-#016TreeckoRare
Pokémon-e TCGM-16-#016/093PikachuVery rare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-43-#017TorchicRare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-44-#018MudkipRare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-45-#019WhismurRare
Pokémon-e TCGM-19-#019/093GastlyVery rare
Pokémon-e TCGM-21-#021/093MachopVery rare
Pokémon-e TCGK-41-#032/097GyaradosRare
Pokémon-e TCGM-42-#042/093MachokeVery rare
Pokémon-e TCGM-48-#048/093ChanseyVery rare
Pokémon-e TCGK-32-#050/097Bagon (InQuest)Rare
Pokémon-e TCGK-32-#050/097Bagon (Black Star)Rare
Pokémon-e TCGK-32-#050/097Bagon (Scrye)Rare
Pokémon-e TCGK-32-#050/097Bagon (GenCon)Rare
Pokémon-e TCGM-74-#074/093RapidashVery rare
Pokémon-e TCGM-83-#083/093PichuVery rare
Pokémon-e TCGM-88-#088/093MachampVery rare
Pokémon-e TCGB-02-#112HoppipRare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-04-a50CelebiRare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-07-#51Rapidash (Pokémon Center NY)Rare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-07-#51Rapidash (Nintendo Power)Rare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-06-#52Ho-oh (Pokémon Center NY)Rare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-06-#52Ho-oh (Nintendo Power)Rare
Pokémon-e TCGZ-14-#53SuicuneRare
Pokémon-e TCGB-83-#58PichuRare
Super Mario Advance 4-e52484A 07-D001   Super Mushroom   
Super Mario Advance 4-e52485A 07-D002   Fire Flower   
Super Mario Advance 4-e52085A 07-D003   Super Leaf   
Super Mario Advance 4-e52501A 07-D081   1-Up Mushroom   
Super Mario Advance 4-e52084A 07-A026   Wild Ride in the Sky   
Super Mario Advance 4-e52627A 07-A051   Airship's Revenge   
Super Mario Advance 4-e52512A 07-E004   World 4-6 Unlimited 1-Ups   
   00-A001   Kirby Contest Card (Loser)   
   00-A001   Kirby Contest Card (2nd Prize)   
   00-A001   Kirby Contest Card (1st Prize)   
   00-C000   Eon Ticket   
   48972A 00-B000   Air Hockey-e   
   10-A000   Hockey Card-e (A)