welcome to "e-Dia"

This is e-dia, the encyclopedia of Nintendo e-Reader cards and hardware.
The content on e-dia is free to browse and to reference information from.
e-dia is a project by No-Intro that was started in early 2006.
The aim of this project is to create an online archive of information on all things e-Reader.

We consider the website at a FINAL stage, and it will not be updated.
BUT! We are open for your suggestions and improvements: please use the contact address mentioned in the footer of the website.

We want to thank Devis0r for his debug hints, Pixelboy (e-Reader Zone) and UncleBob (Gamefaqs.com) for sharing their cards list, Caitsith2 and Speechless for providing amazing tech information. Thanks to Yuki, Asapy and muccer for their help with the Japanese material.
No thanks to Nigoli2, the king of hoarders.