Mario Party-e

(11 cards)

This set comes with decks containing 64 cards. There are 30 unique cards (the decks comes with multiple versions of certain cards) and only 11 cards with dot-codes. The game is a mix of TCG and videogame: the carts can be divided into "coins", "items", "superstars", "blockers", "search", "chaos" and "duel". There is also a promotional card included in the June 2003 (#177) issue of "GamePRO" magazine named "Special Bonus Card", which acts as two coins instead of one.

There are only 11 cards containing dot-codes, they are known as "e-Challenge" cards. They are broken up into three categories; "Free Challenge", "Duel Challenge", and "Wonder Challenge". If you are not using an e-Reader, just flip a coin instead of playing the mini-game; and just skip the challenges.

Here is a list of the names of the cards and the title of the game it loads.
Daisy (Search Card, Free Challenge): Daisy’s Rodeo
Yoshi (Chaos Card, Free Challenge): Fast Feed Yoshi!
Princess Peach (Search Card, Free Challenge): Cast Away Mario!
Graceful Princess Peach (Search Card, Free Challenge): Mario’s Mallet
Big Boo (Duel Challenge): Bolt from Boo
Waluigi (Duel Challenge): Time Bomb Ticks!
Wario (Duel Challenge): Wario’s Bluff
Super Waluigi (Duel Challenge): Waluigi’s Reign
Super Wario (Duel Challenge): Balloon Burst
Lakitu (Search Card, Wonder Challenge): Lakitu’s Luck
Bowser (Chaos Card, Wonder Challenge): Spinister Bowser