Super Mario Advance 4-e checklist

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Series 152475A 07-A011Slidin' the Slopes
Series 152476A 07-A012Magical Note Blocks
Series 152479A 07-A015Piped Full of Plants
Series 152482A 07-A018Doors o' Plenty
Series 152487A 07-D004Frog Suit
Series 152489A 07-D006Hammer Suit
Series 152491A 07-D008P-Wing
Series 152496A 07-D0233 Super Leaves
Series 152497A 07-D0245 Starmen
Series 152500A 07-D0278-Item Set
Series 152503A 07-D0835-Up Mushroom
Series 152506A 07-D102Orange Switch
Series 152509A 07-E001World 1-1 Speed Stage
Series 152510A 07-E002World 1-2 Unlimited 1-Ups
Series 152513A 07-E006World 2-2 Toad's Hidden House
Series 152628A 07-A001Classic World 1-1
Series 152632A 07-E009World 5-5 Toad's Hidden House
Series 152634A 07-E011World 7-2 Toad's Hidden House
Series 242495A 07-D0223 Fire Flowers
Series 252477A 07-A013Para Beetle Challenge
Series 252478A 07-A014Bombarded by Bob-ombs
Series 252480A 07-A016The ol' Switcheroo
Series 252481A 07-A017Vegetable Volley
Series 252483A 07-A019Swinging Bars of Doom
Series 252488A 07-D005Tanooki Suit
Series 252490A 07-D007Starman
Series 252492A 07-D009Cape
Series 252498A 07-D0254-Item Set
Series 252499A 07-D0263-Suit Set
Series 252504A 07-D08410-Up Mushroom
Series 252507A 07-D103Blue Green Switch
Series 252511A 07-E003World 3-4 Unlimited 1-Ups
Series 252514A 07-E007World 3-8 Toad's Hidden House
Series 252631A 07-E008World 4-2 Toad's Hidden House
Series 252633A 07-E010World 6-7 Toad's Hidden House
Series 252635A 07-E012World 3-2 Star Power
Promo52084A 07-A026Wild Ride in the Sky
Promo52085A 07-D003Super Leaf
Promo52484A 07-D001Super Mushroom
Promo52485A 07-D002Fire Flower
Promo52501A 07-D0811-Up Mushroom
Promo52512A 07-E004World 4-6 Unlimited 1-Ups
Promo52627A 07-A051Airship's Revenge