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Name: Dragontamer Craig (A)
Set: Pokémon Battle-e - Promo
ID: 008-P001
Serial number: 001/P
Maker: Nintendo
Distributor: Nintendo
Release date: November 2003
Notes: Sold together with the e-Reader in Australia only.

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data strips

This card has one single long data strip.
Card content (data strip 1): Dragontamer Craig battle.
Long data strip (encrypted RAW format): crc32 877ebb4c size 2912

Pokémon Battle-e checklist

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Freezing Ray52719A 008-A001001/048Cool Trainer DevinCommon
Freezing Ray52720A 008-A002002/048Ninja Boy GoroCommon
Freezing Ray52721A 008-A003003/048Tuber SonyaCommon
Freezing Ray52722A 008-A004004/048Gentleman AntonioCommon
Freezing Ray52723A 008-A005005/048Pokéfan AlanaCommon
Freezing Ray52724A 008-A006006/048Picnicker ReneeCommon
Freezing Ray52725A 008-A007007/048Lady SophieCommon
Freezing Ray52726A 008-A008008/048Beauty FayCommon
Freezing Ray52727A 008-A009009/048Psychic NatashaCommon
Freezing Ray52728A 008-A010010/048Camper PatrickCommon
Freezing Ray52729A 008-A011011/048Sailor OscarCommon
Freezing Ray52730A 008-A012012/048Pokémaniac TylerCommon
Freezing Ray52731A 008-A013013/048Youngster RudyCommon
Freezing Ray52732A 008-A014014/048Beauty EllieCommon
Freezing Ray52733A 008-A015015/048PKMN Breeder CandiceCommon
Freezing Ray52734A 008-A016016/048Cool Trainer BelfordCommon
Freezing Ray52767A 008-K001   Pumpkin BerryCommon
Freezing Ray52768A 008-K002   Dash BerryCommon
Hidden Ruins52735A 008-A017017/048PKMN Ranger ClaytonCommon
Hidden Ruins52736A 008-A018018/048Triathlete DustinCommon
Hidden Ruins52737A 008-A019019/048Hiker HugoCommon
Hidden Ruins52738A 008-A020020/048Youngster JeffreyCommon
Hidden Ruins52739A 008-A021021/048Ruin Maniac LoganCommon
Hidden Ruins52740A 008-A022022/048Pokéfan MaggieCommon
Hidden Ruins52741A 008-A023023/048PKMN Breeder WilsonCommon
Hidden Ruins52742A 008-A024024/048Ruin Maniac ZurilCommon
Hidden Ruins52751A 008-A033033/048Expert MarcusCommon
Hidden Ruins52752A 008-A034034/048Cool Trainer RaquelCommon
Hidden Ruins52753A 008-A035035/048Blackbelt TsutomuCommon
Hidden Ruins52754A 008-A036036/048Pokéfan JustineCommon
Hidden Ruins52755A 008-A037037/048PKMN Ranger HeatherCommon
Hidden Ruins52756A 008-A038038/048Psychic JudithCommon
Hidden Ruins52757A 008-A039039/048Collector StuartCommon
Hidden Ruins52758A 008-A040040/048PKMN Ranger IrazuCommon
Hidden Ruins52769A 008-K005   Eggant BerryCommon
Hidden Ruins52771A 008-K003   Chilan BerryCommon
Iron Defense52743A 008-A025025/048School Kid MandyCommon
Iron Defense52744A 008-A026026/048Parasol Lady SofiaCommon
Iron Defense52745A 008-A027027/048Lady HillaryCommon
Iron Defense52746A 008-A028028/048Guitarist DominicCommon
Iron Defense52747A 008-A029029/048Fisherman BryceCommon
Iron Defense52748A 008-A030030/048Bug Maniac IrvinCommon
Iron Defense52749A 008-A031031/048Battle Girl NatalieCommon
Iron Defense52750A 008-A032032/048Expert SandiaCommon
Iron Defense52759A 008-A041041/048Picnicker SandyCommon
Iron Defense52760A 008-A042042/048Swimmer AnnieCommon
Iron Defense52761A 008-A043043/048Hex Maniac CelinaCommon
Iron Defense52762A 008-A044044/048Aroma Lady AprilCommon
Iron Defense52763A 008-A045045/048Guitarist HaydenCommon
Iron Defense52764A 008-A046046/048Psychic GriffinCommon
Iron Defense52765A 008-A047047/048Pokéfan KendallCommon
Iron Defense52766A 008-A048048/048Cool Trainer FuegoCommon
Iron Defense52770A 008-K004   Strib BerryCommon
Iron Defense52772A 008-K006   Nutpea BerryCommon
Promo008-P001001/PDragontamer Craig (A)    
Promo008-P002002/PNinja Boy Yasuo (A)   
Promo008-P003003/PPokéfan Darlene (A)   
Promo008-P004004/PCool Trainer Mattego (A)   
Promo129-B001   Gentleman Nils   
Promo129-B002   Lady Astrid   
Promo129-B002   Lady Astrid (Alternate)