Animal Crossing-e checklist

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Series 149117A 04-A001A-001K.K. Slider
Series 149118A 04-A002A-002Rover
Series 149119A 04-A003A-003Porter
Series 149120A 04-A004A-004Tom Nook
Series 149121A 04-A005A-005Tortimer
Series 149122A 04-A006A-006Mr. Resetti
Series 149123A 04-A007A-007Blathers
Series 149124A 04-A008A-008Sable Able
Series 149125A 04-A009A-009Mabel Able
Series 149126A 04-A010A-010Kapp'n
Series 149127A 04-A011A-011Bob
Series 149128A 04-A012A-012Mitzi
Series 149129A 04-A013A-013Punchy
Series 149130A 04-A014A-014Ankha
Series 149131A 04-A015A-015Paolo
Series 149132A 04-A016A-016Teddy
Series 149133A 04-A017A-017Portia
Series 149134A 04-A018A-018Peanut
Series 149135A 04-A019A-019Bliss
Series 149136A 04-A020A-020Bunnie
Series 149137A 04-A021A-021O'Hare
Series 149138A 04-A022A-022Bill
Series 149139A 04-A023A-023Joey
Series 149140A 04-A024A-024Maelle
Series 149141A 04-A025A-025Biff
Series 149142A 04-A026A-026Lobo
Series 149143A 04-A027A-027Rasher
Series 149144A 04-A028A-028Pigleg
Series 149145A 04-A029A-029Rhoda
Series 149146A 04-A030A-030Plucky
Series 149147A 04-A031A-031Tad
Series 149148A 04-A032A-032Drift
Series 149149A 04-A033A-033Chevre
Series 149150A 04-A034A-034Bangle
Series 149151A 04-A035A-035Rowan
Series 149152A 04-A036A-036Buck
Series 149153A 04-A037A-037Bluebear
Series 149154A 04-A038A-038June
Series 149155A 04-A039A-039Cheri
Series 149156A 04-A040A-040Apollo
Series 149157A 04-A041A-041Cube
Series 149158A 04-A042A-042Flash
Series 149159A 04-A043A-043Yodel
Series 149160A 04-A044A-044Faith
Series 149161A 04-A045A-045Bud
Series 149162A 04-A046A-046Flossie
Series 149163A 04-A047A-047Pinky
Series 149164A 04-A048A-048Nibbles
Series 149165A 04-A049A-049Dotty
Series 149166A 04-A050A-050Scoot
Series 149167A 04-A051A-051Boris
Series 149168A 04-A052A-052Goose
Series 149169A 04-A053A-053Admiral
Series 149170A 04-A054A-054Kody
Series 149171A 04-A055A-055Pierce
Series 149172A 04-A056A-056Puck
Series 149173A 04-A057A-057Bones
Series 149174A 04-A058A-058Dora
Series 149175A 04-A059A-059Spike
Series 149176A 04-A060A-060Jane
Series 149177A 04-M001M-001K.K. Slider's Only Me
Series 149178A 04-M002M-002K.K. Faire
Series 149179A 04-M003M-003DJ K.K.
Series 149180A 04-M004M-004Mr. K.K.
Series 149181A 04-D001D-001Shine Sprite
Series 149182A 04-D002D-002Jumpman Mario
Series 249841A 04-A061A-061Tom Nook
Series 249842A 04-A062A-062Pelly
Series 249843A 04-A063A-063Copper
Series 249844A 04-A064A-064Saharah
Series 249845A 04-A065A-065Joan
Series 249846A 04-A066A-066Jingle
Series 249847A 04-A067A-067Redd
Series 249848A 04-A068A-068Olivia
Series 249849A 04-A069A-069Stinky
Series 249850A 04-A070A-070Purrl
Series 249851A 04-A071A-071Eloise
Series 249852A 04-A072A-072Elina
Series 249853A 04-A073A-073Eunice
Series 249854A 04-A074A-074Baabara
Series 249855A 04-A075A-075Dozer
Series 249856A 04-A076A-076Grizzly
Series 249857A 04-A077A-077Cookie
Series 249858A 04-A078A-078Butch
Series 249859A 04-A079A-079Filbert
Series 249860A 04-A080A-080Sally
Series 249861A 04-A080A-081Doc
Series 249862A 04-A082A-082Coco
Series 249863A 04-A083A-083Pompom
Series 249864A 04-A084A-084Derwin
Series 249865A 04-A085A-085Bubbles
Series 249866A 04-A086A-086Chief
Series 249867A 04-A087A-087Dobie
Series 249868A 04-A088A-088Samson
Series 249869A 04-A089A-089Limberg
Series 249870A 04-A090A-090Curly
Series 249871A 04-A091A-091Lucy
Series 249872A 04-A092A-092Ava
Series 249873A 04-A093A-093Leigh
Series 249874A 04-A094A-094Chuck
Series 249875A 04-A095A-095Patty
Series 249876A 04-A096A-096Jay
Series 249877A 04-A097A-097Midge
Series 249878A 04-A098A-098Puddles
Series 249879A 04-A099A-099Lily
Series 249880A 04-A100A-100Camofrog
Series 249881A 04-A101A-101Boots
Series 249882A 04-A102A-102Iggy
Series 249883A 04-A103A-103Tybalt
Series 249884A 04-A104A-104Cyrano
Series 249885A 04-A105A-105Yuka
Series 249886A 04-A106A-106Elmer
Series 249887A 04-A107A-107Peaches
Series 249888A 04-A108A-108Vladimir
Series 249889A 04-A109A-109Poncho
Series 249890A 04-A110A-110Peewee
Series 249891A 04-A111A-111Sprocket
Series 249892A 04-A112A-112Marcy
Series 249893A 04-A113A-113Kitt
Series 249894A 04-A114A-114Buzz
Series 249895A 04-A115A-115Roald
Series 249896A 04-A116A-116Aurora
Series 249897A 04-A117A-117Olive
Series 249898A 04-A118A-118Franklin
Series 249899A 04-A301B-001Mr. Resetti & Don
Series 249900A 04-D003D-003Samus's Suit
Series 249901A 04-D004D-004Pikmin Pattern
Series 249902A 04-D005D-005Star Fox Emblem
Series 249903A 04-D006D-006K.K. Tour Tee
Series 249904A 04-M005M-005K.K. Country
Series 249905A 04-M006M-006K.K. Parade
Series 249906A 04-M007M-007K.K. Aria
Series 249907A 04-M008M-008Señor K.K.
Series 249908A 04-P001P-001Boy (1) / Relay A
Series 249909A 04-P002P-002Girl (1) / Jump Rope A
Series 249910A 04-P003P-003Boy (2) / Relay B
Series 249910A 04-P004P-004Girl (2) / Jump Rope B
Series 350263A 04-A119A-119Tom Nook
Series 350264A 04-A120A-120Phyllis
Series 350265A 04-A121A-121Booker
Series 350266A 04-A122A-122Wendell
Series 350267A 04-A123A-123Katrina
Series 350268A 04-A124A-124Gulliver
Series 350269A 04-A125A-125Tangy
Series 350270A 04-A126A-126Monique
Series 350271A 04-A127A-127Kitty
Series 350272A 04-A128A-128Opal
Series 350273A 04-A129A-129Stella
Series 350274A 04-A130A-130Cashmere
Series 350275A 04-A131A-131Chow
Series 350276A 04-A132A-132Goldie
Series 350277A 04-A133A-133Bea
Series 350278A 04-A134A-134Ricky
Series 350279A 04-A135A-135Blaire
Series 350280A 04-A136A-136Gaston
Series 350281A 04-A137A-137Claude
Series 350282A 04-A138A-138Weber
Series 350283A 04-A139A-139Mallary
Series 350284A 04-A140A-140Bertha
Series 350285A 04-A141A-141Wolfgang
Series 350286A 04-A142A-142Chico
Series 350287A 04-A143A-143Anicotti
Series 350288A 04-A144A-144Truffles
Series 350289A 04-A145A-145Cobb
Series 350290A 04-A146A-146Betty
Series 350291A 04-A147A-147Hank
Series 350292A 04-A148A-148Stu
Series 350293A 04-A149A-149Belle
Series 350294A 04-A150A-150Anchovy
Series 350295A 04-A151A-151Otis
Series 350296A 04-A152A-152Jeremiah
Series 350297A 04-A153A-153Huck
Series 350298A 04-A154A-154Ribbot
Series 350299A 04-A155A-155Liz
Series 350300A 04-A156A-156Velma
Series 350301A 04-A157A-157Rolf
Series 350302A 04-A158A-158Snooty
Series 350303A 04-A159A-159Sydney
Series 350304A 04-A160A-160Winnie
Series 350305A 04-A161A-161Cleo
Series 350306A 04-A162A-162Annalise
Series 350307A 04-A163A-163Rex
Series 350308A 04-A164A-164Maple
Series 350309A 04-A165A-165Hornsby
Series 350310A 04-A166A-166Cesar
Series 350311A 04-A167A-167Rio
Series 350312A 04-A168A-168Carrie
Series 350313A 04-A169A-169Mathilda
Series 350314A 04-A170A-170Quetzal
Series 350315A 04-A171A-171Hopper
Series 350316A 04-A172A-172Ursala
Series 350317A 04-A173A-173Lulu
Series 350318A 04-A174A-174Pango
Series 350319A 04-A175A-175Tom Nook
Series 350320A 04-A176A-176Timmy
Series 350321A 04-A177A-177Chip
Series 350322A 04-A178A-178Blanca
Series 350323A 04-A179A-179Kabuki
Series 350324A 04-A180A-180Ellie
Series 350325A 04-A181A-181Groucho
Series 350326A 04-A182A-182Maddie
Series 350327A 04-A183A-183Static
Series 350328A 04-A184A-184Snake
Series 350329A 04-A185A-185Rocco
Series 350330A 04-A186A-186Candi
Series 350331A 04-A187A-187Sue E.
Series 350332A 04-A188A-188T-Bone
Series 350333A 04-A189A-189Twiggy
Series 350334A 04-A190A-190Jambette
Series 350335A 04-A191A-191Sven
Series 350336A 04-A192A-192Gonzo
Series 350337A 04-A193A-193Leopold
Series 350338A 04-A194A-194Cupcake
Series 350339A 04-A195A-195Queenie
Series 350340A 04-A196A-196Friga
Series 350341A 04-A197A-197Farley
Series 350342A 04-A302B-002Mabel & Sable
Series 350343A 04-A303B-003Timmy & Tommy
Series 350344A 04-D007D-007Hero's Tunic
Series 350345A 04-D008D-008Triforce Tile
Series 350346A 04-D009D-009Kirby Wallpaper
Series 350347A 04-D010D-010Resetti's Wrath
Series 350348A 04-P005P-005Boy (3) / 3-Legged Race A
Series 350349A 04-P006P-006Girl (3) / Matchmakers A
Series 350350A 04-P007P-007Boy (4) / 3-Legged Race B
Series 350351A 04-P008P-008Girl (4) / Matchmakers B
Series 350352A 04-P009P-009Boy (5) / Tug of War A
Series 350353A 04-P010P-010Boy (6) / Tug of War B
Series 350354A 04-M009M-009K.K. Etude
Series 350355A 04-M010M-010K.K. Lullaby
Series 350356A 04-M011M-011K.K. Condor
Series 450800A 04-A198A-198Tom Nook
Series 450801A 04-A199A-199Pete
Series 450802A 04-A200A-200Copper
Series 450803A 04-A201A-201Tommy
Series 450804A 04-A202A-202Gracie
Series 450805A 04-A203A-203Redd
Series 450806A 04-A204A-204Jack
Series 450807A 04-A205A-205Kiki
Series 450808A 04-A206A-206Tabby
Series 450809A 04-A207A-207Tom
Series 450810A 04-A208A-208Dizzy
Series 450811A 04-A209A-209Vesta
Series 450812A 04-A210A-210Tutu
Series 450813A 04-A211A-211Biskit
Series 450814A 04-A212A-212Lucky
Series 450815A 04-A213A-213Hazel
Series 450816A 04-A214A-214Mint
Series 450817A 04-A215A-215Gabi
Series 450818A 04-A216A-216Genji
Series 450819A 04-A217A-217Freckles
Series 450820A 04-A218A-218Deena
Series 450821A 04-A219A-219Rollo
Series 450822A 04-A220A-220Freya
Series 450823A 04-A221A-221Penny
Series 450824A 04-A222A-222Rizzo
Series 450825A 04-A223A-223Spork
Series 450826A 04-A224A-224Hugh
Series 450827A 04-A225A-225Egbert
Series 450828A 04-A226A-226Oxford
Series 450829A 04-A227A-227Bessie
Series 450830A 04-A228A-228Piper
Series 450831A 04-A229A-229Twirp
Series 450832A 04-A230A-230Ace
Series 450833A 04-A231A-231Emerald
Series 450834A 04-A232A-232Cousteau
Series 450835A 04-A233A-233Prince
Series 450836A 04-A234A-234Alli
Series 450837A 04-A235A-235Billy
Series 450838A 04-A236A-236Zoe
Series 450839A 04-A237A-237Ozzie
Series 450840A 04-A238A-238Ed
Series 450841A 04-A239A-239Octavian
Series 450842A 04-A240A-240Aziz
Series 450843A 04-A241A-241Murphy
Series 450844A 04-A242A-242Pudge
Series 450845A 04-A243A-243Tiara
Series 450846A 04-A244A-244Sandy
Series 450847A 04-A245A-245Astrid
Series 450848A 04-A246A-246Amelia
Series 450849A 04-A247A-247Gwen
Series 450850A 04-A248A-248Boomer
Series 450851A 04-A249A-249Axel
Series 450852A 04-A250A-250Nate
Series 450853A 04-A251A-251Bitty
Series 450854A 04-A252A-252Gruff
Series 450855A 04-A253A-253Huggy
Series 450856A 04-A254A-254Valise
Series 450857A 04-A255A-255Wisp
Series 450858A 04-A256A-256Don
Series 450859A 04-A257A-257Rosie
Series 450860A 04-A258A-258Woolio
Series 450861A 04-A259A-259Daisy
Series 450862A 04-A260A-260Pecan
Series 450863A 04-A261A-261Pippy
Series 450864A 04-A262A-262Pate
Series 450865A 04-A263A-263Fang
Series 450866A 04-A264A-264Carmen
Series 450867A 04-A265A-265Hambo
Series 450868A 04-A266A-266Hector
Series 450869A 04-A267A-267Petunia
Series 450870A 04-A268A-268Robin
Series 450871A 04-A269A-269Wart Jr.
Series 450872A 04-A270A-270Alfonso
Series 450873A 04-A271A-271Nosegay
Series 450874A 04-A272A-272Savannah
Series 450875A 04-A273A-273Tank
Series 450876A 04-A274A-274Louie
Series 450877A 04-A275A-275Mr. Resetti
Series 450878A 04-A304B-004Pelly & Phyllis
Series 450879A 04-A305G-001Copper & Booker
Series 450880A 04-D011D-011Yoshi's Egg
Series 450881A 04-D012D-012Poké Ball
Series 450882A 04-D013D-013Li'l Miser Shirt
Series 450883A 04-D014D-014Kapp'n's Kisser
Series 450884A 04-M012M-012K.K. Chorale
Series 450885A 04-M013M-013K.K. Folk
Series 450886A 04-M014M-014Comrade K.K.
Series 450887A 04-P011P-011Girl (5) / Fireworks Show
Series 450888A 04-P012P-012Girl (6) / Fireworks Show
Series 450889A 04-P013P-013Boy (7) / Who's Dunnit?
Series 450890A 04-P014P-014Girl (7) / Fortune Telling
Series 450891A 04-P015P-015Boy (8) / Who's Dunnit?
Series 450892A 04-P016P-016Girl (8) / Fortune Telling
Series 450893A 04-N001N-001Ice Climber
Series 450894A 04-N002N-002Mario Bros.
Promo48596A 04-E00104-E001Animal Crossing
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