Animal Crossing-e

(326 cards + 2 promotional)

The cards are 326, divided into four series, plus two promotional cards.
Series 1 has 66 cards, series 2 has 71 cards, series 3 has 94 cards and series 4 has 95 cards.
There are several types of cards, but they’re all designed to work with the GameCube title "Animal Crossing". To identify the different kind of cards use the letter in the serial: A- for the characters, M- for the tunes, D- for the designs, P- for the special/mini-games, B- for the siblings, N- for the classic games and G- for the other cards.

Connection Instructions
Link the Game Boy Advance to the Game Cube and boot "Animal Crossing". Turn on your Game Boy Advance: on the title screen, press the A button to bring up the main menu. Select "Communication". Next, select "To Nintendo GameCube" and press the A button. It will then display "-Connecting-" and will wait for the proper signal from the Game Cube.

The first time, until you turn off the Game Boy Advance, you need to prepare the e-Reader. Go to any of the following locations in "Animal Crossing": the Post Office, the Bulletin Board or the Able Sister’s Tailor Shop. Choose "Prep e-Reader" and wait until the interaction between the consoles ends. Now you are ready to scan the cards: go to the appropriate location depending from the type of the card and you will obtain special items for the game. You can scan the cards without linking the Game Boy Advance to the Game Cube, but you will just mainly receive messages and animations.

Types of cards
Character cards have the picture of a character on the front and some information about it on the back. Scan these cards using the e-Reader Transfer Machine in the Post Office in Animal Crossing. A letter will be mailed to your home, with an item attached to it from the character of the card. You can get a second item, using the code written on the back of the card. Just write the code in a letter that has to be sent to any character. They will reply to you, sending a letter with an item. If you send the letter with the code to the same character of the card, you should get different item in the mail from them.

Town Tune cards have a unique image of K.K. Slider on the front and the notes for a tune on the back. Scan these cards using the Town Tune Bulletin Board beside the Post Office. The town tune will change to the tune on the back of the card. Even without an e-Reader, you can manually type these notes in Animal Crossing.

Design cards have a picture of a character on the front where they will wear a design on a shirt and carry an umbrella. Scan these cards at the Able Sister’s Tailor Shop and you will get the special pattern that will replace one of your current designs.

Special/mini-games cards can be scanned without the link to the Game Cube, instead a mini-game will be loaded into the Game Boy Advance. If you complete the mini-game successfully, you’ll get passwords that you can use to acquire items in the Animal Crossing game. Nintendo of America has asked to not publish the passwords given with the cards.

Siblings cards have two special siblings characters on the front. They have two codes on the card instead of one. Scan these cards at the Post Office as you will use them as character cards, but the item you will get depends on which pass code is used. Please note the card with the serial "#G01" is to considered as a "Sibling" card, even though Cooper and Booker aren’t actually siblings.

The two "Classic Games" cards give you access to the NES classics "Ice Climber" and "Mario Bros.".